Promoting Telehealth in Ohio

About OTI

About OTI

Ohio Telehealth Initiative (OTI) is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote telehealth and telehealth solutions in Ohio to deliver higher quality healthcare for more, with lower costs and risks. We help connect healthcare providers, technology suppliers, and consumers to facilitate telehealth adoption and advancement.

Connecting healthcare participants

Connecting healthcare participants

Telehealth unifies participants and stakeholders of healthcare through technology

Ohio Telehealth Initiative supports the education, promotion, testing, and delivery of technology based solutions that improve healthcare by enabling better communication, collaboration, and monitoring at a distance.

Doctors Patients Families Careworkers

Doctors Patients Families Careworkers

Doctors Patients Families Careworkers Collaborate to Improve Healthcare

Telehealth solutions – care at a distance – supports patient-centric care in the family home through better and more frequent communication between doctors, patients, their families, and careworkers.

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  • OTI Primary Activities
  • Organizations that benefit
  • OTI Project Aims
OTI Activities

Activities promote telehealth in Ohio

The primary activities of the Ohio Telehealth Initiative are:

– Promoting research and innovation

– Community outreach and education

– Ensuring a strong financial basis to support operations

– Educating and engaging government, payers and providers about telemedicine

– Fostering collaboration among interested parties

– Coordinating a state-wide collaborative telehealth pilot project associated with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim

– Improvement Community Project (

Healthcare Providers benefit with OTI

Healthcare Providers benefit with OTI.

Organizations that will Benefit:
– Home health agencies
– Primary care physician groups
– Integrated health delivery systems
– Private or public employers seeking better health and value for employees
– Safety net health care systems facing rising demands and flat budgets
– Regional coalitions working to assure access for all while controlling costs
– Public health departments or social agencies focused on populations with complex health issues
– Private or publicly funded health plans committed to improving value

Population Focus:
1) Discrete populations
– Employee Populations
– High Risk/High Cost Populations
2) Regional or community populations
– Older Adults with Complex Needs
– Community-Wide Care for High-Cost, Medically and Socially-Complex Individuals
– Community-Wide Governance and Activation Strategies

Project aims

Ohio Telehealth Initiative Project Aims

Project Aims and Intended Results:
– Improved population results in health, care experience, and per capita cost
– Improved patient access, convenience and experience of care
– Improved transition and care coordination
– Improved patient and caregiver engagement
– Improved provider job satisfaction

OTI Telehealth technologies include:
– Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
– Web-based Virtual Meeting
• Audio and Video Communications
• Screen Sharing
• Calendar
• Collaborative Document Editing
• Meeting Recording ,Replay and Archive
• Private Message, Chat and Whiteboard
• Supports 3rd-party Care Plan Management, Medication Management, Wireless Medical Device Monitoring and Patient Education applications