Promoting Telehealth in Ohio

About OTI


Ohio Telehealth Initiative (OTI) is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote telehealth and telehealth solutions in Ohio to deliver higher quality healthcare for more, with lower costs and risks.
Opportunity – Why we do it

There is a critical need to reduce the costs of healthcare in the U.S. while at the same time improving quality and serving a greater population. Telehealth – healthcare provided at a distance – offers the best chance to realize these goals. The focus of OTI is on the practice and communications solutions of telehealth (not on the subset that is telemedicine). There is considerable interest among the providers and consumers of healthcare and healthcare technology, but knowledge and experience with telehealth in the communities is very fragmented.  OTI is taking the leadership position in Ohio to fill the gaps, connect players, and lead and accelerate the successful adoption of telehealth in the State.


Mission – What we do and Where we do it

Ohio Telehealth Initiative (OTI) is a non-profit organization formed to promote and raise awareness for telehealth solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare while lowering costs and risks and improving patients’ experiences. OTI works with leading healthcare organizations in the State of Ohio to study, educate, implement, and train on the use of telehealth solutions, including coordinating pilot projects. OTI focuses on innovative communication solutions that facilitate better collaboration between doctors, patients, families, and care workers and help patients better understand and adhere to their care plans. WIth its partners, OTI offers lightweight, highly accessible technology solutions including web and video conferencing, document management, and automated voice solutions. OTI also provides services such as best practices consulting and telehealth readiness assessments.


Target Markets – Who we work with

Ohio Telehealth Initiative works with most of the leading healthcare provider systems in the State, to facilitate pilot projects for use of telehealth (TH) systems, to provide and implement selected technologies, and to help connect these organizations with other resources. OTI works with a number of technology and service providers to help introduce them to clients and partners, and direct best uses of their offerings. OTI also works with governmental and regulatory agencies and other nonprofits whose missions relate to telehealth. One of OTI’s objectives is to serve as the forum for TH discussions.

Our Approach  – How we do it

For our own projects, we focus on pragmatic technologies that can address at least 80% of the needs for 80% of the population – including web based video and audio conferencing, secure content management, and automated voice communications (IVR) using ubiquitous phones.


Solutions – What we offer

OTI provides several kinds of solutions and projects, including:

(1)     Helping healthcare providers plan and implement telehealth pilots and projects

(2)     Coordinate community organizations and resources, train users and consumers

(3)     Raise awareness for opportunities to apply telehealth solutions

(4)     Help support patients, their families, and the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

(5)     Develop best practices for the emerging telehealth industry and markets

(6)     Specific technology solutions we have reviewed – highly accessible and affordable systems that offer wide

(7)     Services: Telehealth readiness assessments, Requirements analysis, Technology selection and implementation, Pilot project management, Case Study development, ROI analysis.

Key Activities – What else we are doing
OTI represents the mission of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in Ohio to support their Triple Aim: (1) Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); (2)   Improving the health of populations; and (3) Reducing the per capita cost of health care.


Management Team – Who we are

The Executive Director of OTI is Kevin Toshok, who has over 20 years experience in healthcare information technology. Associate Director Andre Williams has over 20 years experience in hospital system administration and management as well as EMR and consulting work. Director of Science and Technology, Dr. Jeff Spitzner has over 20 years experience as founder and executive of technology and life sciences companies. The team also includes medical doctors, project managers, and staff.

Financials Objectives – How we sustain Ohio Telehealth Initiative
OTI’s sustainment plan is built around direct grants it receives, grants in participates in with its strategic partners and healthcare providers, telehealth consulting services, and memberships.